Contemporary Thinking

For a forward thinking bathroom idea, why not consider installing a wetroom?

This type of bathroom solution is becoming increasingly popular and can really help you find the balance between finesse and functionality.

A wetroom is essentially a bathroom that is fully waterproof, where a walk in shower is positioned at the same level as the rest of the bathroom floor.

Drainage occurs naturally, due to the gently sloping floor (known as the top deck former) and the moisture will simply drift away, along with your worries as it happens!

A touch of class

A wetroom can add a touch of class to the home and can increase the potential for relaxation within it.

The ease and simplicity of stepping from shower to sink and back again, without the restriction of trays and different types of flooring, can create a space where you can truly let go of the stress and refresh yourself ahead of a busy day, or a busy night…

Cleaner than your average

Cleaning your wetroom is also much easier than you might expect, as the floor level doesn’t undulate and there are less nooks and crannies for dirt and limescale to accumulate in.

Install anywhere

You might be looking at the layout of your house and thinking that a wetroom is off limits to you, but you’d be wrong.

No matter the age or the layout of your home and current bathroom, we can provide you with bespoke solutions to design and fit a wetroom in place of an existing bathroom or in a new space altogether.

Contact us today to talk about your wetroom plans, and we’d be only too happy to get the conversation started.

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