Why Homeowners Should Have Grout Sealed

  1. Keeps grout looking brand new. Sealing the grout makes it more water-resistant and, hence, less susceptible to damage or discoloration. Leave it unsealed and watch any liquids that spill on the grout—such as wine—end up staining it. And while you can use bleach to remove some of these stains, other substances such as oil cannot be cleaned off completely. You may have to replace all the grout due to these bad stains.
  2. Helps keep out mold and mildew. Remember, mold and mildew grow on warm and damp surfaces. A non-penetrating grout sealer can help keep moisture away; stopping water from seeping into the grout. Without any moisture, these organisms won’t grow on grout, sparing you from the hard task of trying to scrub mold and mildew out.
  3. It is not hard or expensive to do. There are many spray-on grout sealers out on the market today. Simply buy a bottle or two and spray them on a couple of weeks after the tile has been installed. It’s easy enough for a weekend DIY project! Some grout sealers also come in brush-tip pens or small bottles with sponge tips. However, for complex tile installations, it’s suggested to just have an additive included in the mix instead of spraying a sealant by hand.